Friday January 19

3pm- 6pm: Check In, Skin Check and Weigh Ins for ALL Divisions (OPTIONAL)

Location: Rhode Island Convention Center

Saturday, January 20

7am: Doors Open

7am - 8am: Weighins for Boys Bantam/Intermediate and Girls Intermediate/Novice

9am - 1pm:  Competitions for Boys Bantam/Intermediate and Girls Intermediate/Novice

12pm - 1pm: Weighins for Boys Novice/School Boy and Girls School Girl/High School

1pm - 6pm: Competitions for Boys Novice/School Boy and Girls School Girl/High School

Location: Rhode Island Convention Center​​

Awards ceremony will take place as weight classes conclude.  


Awards will be given to all competitors with a 

For our special awards, One Beauty and One Beast will be chosen at each awards ceremony. The beastliest wrestler will be named our beast!

Boys Divisions: Folkstyle
BANTAM (BORN IN 2010/11) - 1 minute periods
INTERMEDIATE (BORN IN 2008/09) - 1 minute periods
NOVICE (BORN IN 2006/07) - 1:30 minute periods
SCHOOL BOY (BORN IN 2004/05) ***OR ENROLLED IN MIDDLE SCHOOL - 2 minute periods

Girls Divisions: Freestyle
INTERMEDIATE (BORN IN 2009/10/11) - 2 minute periods
NOVICE (BORN IN 2006/07/08) - 2 minute periods
SCHOOL GIRL (BORN IN 2004/05) - 2 minute periods
HIGH SCHOOL (BORN IN 1999/2000/01/02/03) ***OR ENROLLED IN HIGH SCHOOL - 3 minute periods

We pride ourselves on our hospitality and friendliness!  All coaches receive a home made bottle of this season's "Beauty and the Beast" wine!  

There is also a Coaches Party at Murphy's Pub (100 Fountain Street Providence RI 02903) following the wrestling competition at 7pm. Food and drinks are complimentary. Please RSVP to ASAP

Madison Weights
Round Robin Brackets of 4-6
All Full Mats
Minimum of 3 matches, maximum of 5

College out of bounds rules for boys

coaches party and gift

Bracket structure


41 Comstock Parkway Cranston RI 02921 US   |  +1.4014510505  |

registration and important dates

4 Man Bracket

Round 1: 1v.2, 3v4

Round 2: 1v3, 2v4

Round 3: 1v4, 2v3

5 Man Bracket

Round 1: 1v2, 3v4, 5vBYE

Round 2: 1v5, 2v3, 4vBYE

Round 3: 1v4, 2v5, 3vBYE

Round 4: 1v3, 4v5, 2vBYE

Round 5: 2v4, 3v5, 1vBYE

6 Man Bracket

Round 1: 1v2, 3v4, 5v6 

Round 2: 1v6, 2v3, 4v5

Round 3: 1v5, 2v4, 3v6

Round 4: 1v4, 3v5, 2v6

Round 5: 1v3, 2v5, 4v6​

- Online registration ($40) will be open until 11pm on Friday 1/19 through the Register button above ​

- On-site registration is available as an option, but will cost an additional $5


Dominate your Mat,  Show your Strength